Aspire Forensics offers a full range of quality forensic services, with a focus on providing the best solutions to the Indian Criminal Justice System on demand the public at large including defense lawyers and justice seeker. We provide forensic aid to law enforcement agencies. We focus on research and training of individuals. Our teaching and training are at par with international standards. We are looking forward to being an ace institution. We routinely undertake forensic analysis and consultancy work for defense lawyers and the general public in India and abroad for providing expert opinions in civil and criminal matters. We assist the prosecution and defense on demand in courts of law.

Mission: Mission of Aspire Forensics to provide truth and justice through forensic science and technology in our region, state, country and abroad.

Aim: Provide education, training and forensic services that serve society and the legal community. Contribute to the expansion of forensic science and technology through education, training, research and other services.

10 Apr

Heavy Metal Toxicity: A Blind Evil

Heavy metals are natural components of the earth’s crust and as such are the oldest toxins known to…

14 Sep

History of Forensic Science

Locard’s Exchange Principle