Shri Mahendra Mishra

  • Managing Director

Dr. (Mrs.) Kusum Mishra

  • Director


  • Mr. Atul Kumar Sharma

    Financial Advisor


  • Mr. Ghanshyam Mishra

    Legal Advisor


  • Dr. Amarnath Mishra

    Forensic Consultant

About Aspire Forensics

Aspire Forensics was established with a vision of Forensic Expert Dr. Amarnath Mishra. In Aspire Forensics, we have two divisions consisting of Aspire Forensic Services and Aspire Forensic Institute. Forensic services include scientific investigational solutions and our forensic institute provides education, trainings, workshop, research & development support in forensics which are available internationally in different countries.

Note: Aspire Forensics also provides selfless service to the poor and downtrodden Indians who are unable to get justice due to limited resources.